Unseen BKK: Boat and Road Bangkok Tour

Unseen BKK: Boat & Road Bangkok Tour

Bangkok Tour: Exploring Bangkok's Hidden Gems 

Bangkok, often called the "City of Angels," is a bustling metropolis rich in history, culture, and vibrant life. Among its lively streets and towering skyscrapers lie hidden gems waiting to be discovered by the adventurous traveller. There are plenty of things to do in Bangkok - no matter how many times you've visited it, you can always find something new in this city. Being in the capital so many times, we are always searching for a unique and authentic experience to get to know all the secret gems of this metropolitan area. The Unseen Boat and Road Bangkok tour is one such journey into the heart of Bangkok's treasures. This article comprehensively reviews this unique 5-hour private tour, highlighting its itinerary, experiences, and overall value.

Bangkok River Tour

Meeting Point and Initial Impressions 

Our adventure started at the picturesque Riva Arun Pier, where our tour guide, Su, warmly greeted us. With her contagious enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of Bangkok's history and landmarks, we immediately knew we were in for a fantastic experience. Even though our meeting point was right next to the Chao Phraya River, we didn't start our tour on a boat but on a private TukTuk.

Unseen Boat& Road Bangkok Tour

Rattanakosin Sightseeing via TukTuk 

Our initial journey began with an exhilarating tuk-tuk ride through the historic district of Rattanakosin. As we zoomed past iconic landmarks like the Giant Swing, Golden Mount, and Grand Palace, the sights were truly awe-inspiring. Su, our guide, provided fascinating commentary, sharing valuable insights into the historical significance of each site and its role in Bangkok's rich heritage. Despite the bustling traffic, the narrow streets and lively ambiance of Rattanakosin left a lasting mark on us, showcasing the city's vibrant charm and cultural allure.

Rattanakosin Sightseeing via TukTuk 

Visit to Wat Pho 

Our trip then led us to the famous Wat Pho, housing the impressive Reclining Buddha and a wealth of stunning Thai architecture. Su expertly navigated us through the temple grounds, sharing captivating stories about its history and spiritual importance. Among the peaceful atmosphere of Wat Pho, we found relief from the city's busy streets, fully embracing the surroundings and marveling at its beauty.

Unseen Boat & Road Bangkok Tour

Boat Journey to Wat Arun and Beyond

Setting sail on a classic longtail boat, we began a scenic journey along the Chao Phraya River, cruising past Wat Paknam and the grand Big Buddha. The calm breeze and panoramic views provided a refreshing perspective of Bangkok's skyline, blending historic temples with contemporary skyscrapers. Upon reaching Wat Arun, we admired its elaborate spires shining under the sun, showcasing Thailand's vibrant architectural legacy.

Unseen Bkk Boat & Road Wat Arun

Exploring Bangluang Village

The highlight of our tour was undoubtedly the visit to Bangluang Village, a hidden gem nestled along the canals of Bangkok. Accessible only by private longtail boat, this charming place offered a glimpse into traditional Thai way of life far removed from the city's hustle. As we walked through its narrow waterways, we were greeted by friendly locals going about their daily routines, their smiles reflecting the warmth and hospitality of rural Thailand.

Unseen Bkk Boat & Road Bangkok Tour

Chaopraya and Canal Boat Ride

Our journey culminated in a laid-back boat ride along the tranquil waters of the Chaopraya River and its intricate network of canals. Surrounded by lush greenery and quaint stilt houses, we felt a world away from the urban jungle we had left behind. Su pointed out various points of interest along the way, from hidden temples to bustling markets, offering valuable insights into Bangkok's lesser-known treasures.

Unseen Bkk Boat & Road: Bangkok Tour

Best Bangkok Tour: Unseen Boat & Road

In conclusion, the Unseen Boat and Road BKK tour presents a thorough and enlightening discovery of Bangkok's lesser-known treasures. From the vibrant lanes of Rattanakosin to the peaceful waterways of Bangluang Village, each step unveils a new layer of charm and fascination. Su's genuine enthusiasm for her city and dedication to tailoring the experience make this tour exceptional. Whether you're new to the city or a frequent visitor, this tour ensures a memorable expedition through Bangkok's essence and spirit.

Unseen Boat & Road BKK


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