Lagoon View Maldives: Best Place to Stay in Bodufolhudhoo

Lagoon View Maldives in Bodufolhudhoo

Located in the tranquility of North Ari Atoll, Lagoon View Maldives is a boutique retreat that unveils a unique and intimate Great House Reef experience. From speedy transfers and water sports to food and excursions, this hidden gem offers a blend of services and experiences, assuring an unforgettable island escape.

Bodufolhudhoo Island

Lagoon View Maldives: Tropical Getaway 

Fast Transfers and All-inclusive Experience

Our journey to Lagoon View Maldives started embarking on a 90-minute thrilling speed transfer from Velana International Airport. This exclusive retreat, accommodating a maximum of 25 guests, ensures an intimate atmosphere. It stands out as an all-inclusive haven, where guests are treated to three meals daily, and have the freedom to enjoy non-motorized water sports at any time.

Lagoon View Maldives

Private Beach and Oceanfront Rooms

At the heart of this cozy hideaway lies a private beach and oceanfront rooms that capture the essence of simplicity and natural beauty. The untouched white sand private beach stretches along the lagoon's edge, offering a tranquil escape. The lagoon's shallow waters make snorkeling effortless, inviting you to step into the underwater wonders of this exotic setting. You’ll see vibrant corals adorning the ocean floor, while schools of fish gracefully navigate the crystal-clear waters. The ocean view rooms provide basic comforts like hot and cold showers, a bathtub, air-conditioning, and a terrace—a front-row seat to the relaxing rhythm of island life.

Lagoon View Maldives Room

Oceanic Spectacle at Your Doorstep

One of the most captivating experiences takes place each night right in front of the restaurant and along the beachfront. As the sun sets, the waters come alive with the gathering of dozens of enormous sharks, majestic rays, and a different kind of fish. As you enjoy your evening meal, mere steps from your dining table, you can gaze at these marine wonders gracefully navigating their nocturnal world. But that’s not all: Lagoon View Maldives invites you to become part of the underwater spectacle.


Nocturnal Snorkeling Experience at Lagoon View Maldives

For those seeking an even closer encounter, the hotel provides a unique opportunity every night – guided snorkeling with these magnificent creatures. Accompanied by knowledgeable staff members, you can easily access the wonders beneath the surface, immersing yourself in a realm where sharks, rays, and fish gracefully coexist. It's an extraordinary experience, effortlessly accessible, and one that etches itself into the memory of every fortunate observer.

Underwater Marvels: Scuba Diving Adventures

For those with a passion for the underwater world, Lagoon View Maldives offers scuba diving adventures that redefine exploration. Whether you're a seasoned diver or a newbie, the professional and experienced staff ensure safe and exhilarating encounters with the Maldives' diverse marine life. From turtles, rays and incredible nudibranchs to majestic hammerhead and whale sharks, every dive is a unique journey into the heart of the ocean.

Scuba Diving

Beyond the Waters: Excursions, Island Exploration, and Water Sports

The Maldives is an archipelago composed of unique islands, each offering its own charm and lifestyle. This hotel invites you to explore the friendly local culture, savor delicious Maldivian cuisine, and indulge in shopping on nearby islands. Exciting snorkeling trips, fishing adventures, and a range of mechanized and non-mechanized water sports are available for those seeking a variety of experiences beyond the crystal-clear waters. Beside that, those seeking serenity can unwind with a BBQ on a picturesque picnic island. 

Embark on a Local Journey at Lagoon View Maldives

Lagoon View Maldives presents a unique local retreat with its private beach, oceanfront villas, and a range of water activities. The hotel offers a chance to witness nightly gatherings of sharks and rays near the restaurant, adding an exciting touch to the dining experience. With guided snorkeling opportunities and a nearby sandbank picnic, guests can easily access and enjoy the wonders of the Maldives' ocean. Whether it's snorkeling, fishing, or a private dining experience, Lagoon View provides straightforward and accessible ways to make the most of your island stay.

Lagoon View Maldives Best Place to Stay in Bodufolhudhoo

Lagoon View Maldives

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