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The Ultimate Travel Insurance For Travelers: Iati Seguros

Life's uncertainties are a reality, and it's crucial to safeguard yourself with the best travel insurance – IATI Seguros. We typically strive to maximise the value of our purchases. Yet, travel insurance stands apart in a peculiar way – you pay for it with the hope that you'll never have to rely on it. Nevertheless, securing the best travel insurance when embarking on adventures is imperative, whether a spirited weekend in Prague or a soul-searching journey through Southeast Asia spanning half a year. The unexpected may lurk around every corner, ready to disrupt your plans, and you must be covered.

Travel Insurance Iati Seguros

Iati Seguros Overview

In this comprehensive evaluation of Iati Seguros, we will thoroughly examine their travel insurance policy. We will delve into their diverse coverage options, scrutinise what is included and excluded in their policy, and assess their overall value. Furthermore, we will briefly explore some of their top competitors in the market.

By the end of our Iati Seguros Review, you should know whether Iati Seguros is the right travel insurance provider for your next trip.

Before we begin the Iati Seguros review, please note that several of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you click them, we may receive a commission. Furthermore, please note that the terms and conditions of insurance policies can change and are ultimately based on your circumstances. Therefore, you must read the policy terms and conditions before purchasing travel insurance.

What is a travel insurance?

Travel insurance is like a temporary health plan intended to cover expenses such as medical interventions, travel cancellations, loss or theft of valuables, transportation or emergency rescuers, etc.

Travel insurance is one of those things that you are happy never to use. However, accidents happen, and health problems are impossible to predict! Bad scenarios can also occur, and you can be the person who needs a helicopter evacuation from the middle of nature in Thailand, surgery in Japan or even that person who loses technological equipment in a bus in the middle of Colombia. Travel insurance decides between having any of the problems solved with one phone call only or potentially thousands of euros to pay and a situation of significant stress!

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Is travel insurance even a necessity? It's a valid question. After all, most journeys conclude safely and happily, devoid of any significant incidents.

Here at the 21 Sensations, we've collectively spent approximately a decade on the road, exploring several countries. Throughout our extensive travels, we've encountered a fair share of mishaps, ranging from severe injuries to inevitable bike accidents. These incidents, in themselves, were traumatic and left both physical and emotional scars.

Fortunately, during these challenging times, we were all covered by insurance, sparing us from the added trauma of facing exorbitant medical bills amounting to $10,000 or scrambling to find $400 for a replacement iPhone.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

To decide whether you need travel insurance, let's look at some of the things it can help with and where you would be without it.

Lost Luggage 

According to data from the aviation industry watchdog, approximately 5.73 pieces of luggage go missing per 1000 passengers. While this statistic isn't alarming, it does mean that if you take 10 flights, there's a 5% chance your luggage might disappear forever. It's important to note that certain airlines and airports (ever heard of the luggage black hole at Charles De Gaulle?) have a worse track record in this regard.

Losing your luggage can quickly make your trip a nightmare, leaving you strolling around Ibiza for a week in the same uncomfortable jeans and sweater combo you wore on the plane. Replacing all your belongings could also mean having to come up with $1000 to restock your wardrobe, refill your toiletries, and purchase a new camera. A solid travel insurance policy typically covers lost luggage, often up to a minimum of $1000.

Lost Luggage

Medical Expenses

Medical treatment can come with a hefty price tag. For instance, once I got a medical bills exceeding $500 for a little surgery to remove a lump in my armpit (Staph Infection). On another occasion, Nico spent 3 nights in a Thai hospital with Dengue fever, resulting in a $3,000 bill. Personally, I may not have $5,000 to pay Thai doctors, but I do have around $50 to invest in insurance.

Coming from Portugal, where we have a national health system, the cost of healthcare in certain parts of the world can be a stark revelation. If you're reading this in the US, you're already well aware of the high costs associated with healthcare. Still, it's essential to remember that your domestic health insurance won't offer coverage outside the United States.

Accidents can occur unexpectedly, and health issues can strike anytime in any location. If you've had the experience of driving or encountering hygiene standards in India, you'd probably agree that the risk of encountering harm on the road is higher than at home!

Medica Expenses

When Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

Ideally, it would help to procure travel insurance before embarking on your journey; particular providers may even make this a requirement. It's important to note that if you ever need to file a claim with your travel insurance, they will likely request proof of when your trip commenced, typically in the form of an airline booking or flight ticket.

Some insurers will let you buy travel insurance from them once you have started your trip. This is great if you forget to do it earlier or change your mind and realise you need it.

However, the earlier you book it, the better for several reasons.

Firstly, things can go wrong before you even leave the country. What if your airline goes bust the morning of your flight?! How are you going to get from New York JFK to Bangkok now?! If you have the right cover, your insurer will help you find another flight and get you there as soon as possible!

Secondly, most policies come with a cooling-off period, a specific duration during which you can cancel the policy and receive a full refund. We recommend making the most of this window by thoroughly reviewing the policy documents to ensure they align perfectly with your requirements. If, upon closer examination, you discover that it falls short of your needs, you can either reach out to the insurer to adjust the policy or cancel it altogether and explore more suitable travel insurance alternatives.

Generally, I typically secure my travel insurance on the same day I book my flight. The only exception to this rule is if I already have long-term or annual coverage in place at that time.


Breakdown of Iati Seguros Travel Insurance

With our experience, we can safely say that Iati has the best travel insurance we know. You can have travel insurance in a few minutes with the most affordable prices in the market, and when necessary, they are fast and efficient!

Iati offers a 5% discount on any travel insurance IATI SEGUROS DE VIAGEM to all 21 Sensations readers. So enjoy!

Reasons why Iati Seguros is the best Thailand travel insurance

  • Insurance specialised for travellers

Iati insurances are specially designed for travellers and adventurers and is not just a convenient extension of a health plan.

  • Covers all countries in the world

One of the things I immediately went to check when I learned about IATI insurance was whether it excluded specific destinations from coverage. To my surprise, it covers every country in the world. And that's a huge advantage, especially for long journeys.

  • No cash upfront

Many insurances cover expenses, but the customer makes the payment upfront and then is refunded. This results in bureaucracies and waiting times. With Iati, there is no cash upfront!

  • Insurance has no Deductibles

For example, if you have to go to a doctor for any illness or health problem, the consultation will likely cost less than that amount, so it is not worth claiming the insurance. Over the last decade, this has happened to me a few times (where I didn't trigger the insurance because of the deductible). For this reason, I was pleased to discover that there are no deductibles in IATA Seguros travel insurance.

  • The most important coverages

Medical expenses, repatriation, family transportation, legal issues, emergencies, luggage, documentation and cancellation insurance options (hotels, flights, etc.)!

  • High medical coverages

Iati insurance plans have medical coverage ranging from € 30,000 to € 250,000, depending on the insurance chosen.

  • Any trip and activities

From weekend getaways to 1-year trips, trips through land or sea and over 50 radical activities!

  • 24/7 Customer Service

Iati Seguros has a 24-hour support centre available 365 days a year in several languages! As IATI opened representation in Portugal, emergency contacts can be made to a telephone number in Portugal – and, in theory, always in Portuguese! It is undoubtedly an advantage to express yourself in your mother tongue in a moment of distress.

  • Equipment theft or damage

Iati covers up to 50% of the insured amount on all luggage, which is sufficient for most cases. Covers part of the electronic material (no extra cost)

By default, IATI Seguros insurance covers part of the theft of electronic material, such as laptop computers and smartphones (although with a very low limit). Unfortunately, it only covers when there is violence in the theft (i.e., it does not cover, for example, an incident where someone steals your mobile phone, camera or laptop from your backpack without you noticing it).

  • Possible cancellation insurance

For a little extra, you can add cancellation insurance to every plan for coverage for accommodation or flight cancellations.

  • International and flexible coverage

Iati has insurance for travellers travelling to a single country, Europe or worldwide!

Later in this article, we present the different insurance options available.

  • No age limit

Most travel insurance has an age limit, usually around 60-65 years old. At IATI Seguros, there is no age limit, so I already have suitable travel insurance to recommend to more mature readers. And I can already recommend travel insurance to my parents.

  • Allows multiple trips over a year (or a trip of 6 to 12 months)

Some insurance companies don't have long-term insurance (one year, for example) that allows you to come and go multiple times. There is long-term insurance, of course, but the insurance expires as soon as the traveler returns to the country of origin. Multiple travel insurance would be ideal for travellers who often travel for short periods. At IATI Seguros, there is travel insurance for frequent travellers, allowing multiple trips (i.e., the policy does not end as soon as you return to the country of origin). The procedure is called IATI Anual Multiviagem.

What's the best travel insurance plan for you?

Iati Seguros offers a wide range of travel insurance plans to provide peace of mind for your travels, including to Thailand. Each plan is designed with different types of travellers in mind, catering to their unique needs and preferences. Let's take a closer look at the main differences between the Iati Basic, Standard, Star, Backpacker, Family, Grandes Viajantes, Annual MultiViagens, Students, and the extra option of Cancelamento Premium.

Iati Basic

This is the perfect plan for affordable yet comprehensive travel insurance. It covers all the essentials, such as medical expenses, repatriation, and personal liability. However, it does not include coverage for cancellation or curtailment of your trip.


Iati Standard

The Iati Standard plan offers similar coverage to the Basic but with added benefits such as trip cancellation and curtailment coverage. This is an excellent option for those who want more comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.


Iati Star

The Iati Star plan offers extensive coverage for travellers seeking maximum protection, including medical expenses, repatriation, personal liability, trip cancellation and curtailment coverage. It also includes additional benefits such as baggage loss and delay coverage.


Iati Backpacker

This plan is designed specifically for backpackers, offering comprehensive coverage for long-term trips at an affordable price. It covers medical expenses, repatriation, personal liability, trip cancellation and curtailment, emergency evacuation and repatriation.


Iati Family

The Iati Family plan is an excellent choice if you travel with your family. It covers all family members under one policy and includes coverage for medical expenses, repatriation, personal liability, trip cancellation and curtailment, baggage loss and delay.


Iati Grandes Viajantes

For frequent travellers, the Iati Grandes Viajantes plan offers coverage for multiple yearly trips. It includes all the benefits of the Standard plan, with added coverage for trip cancellation and curtailment for each trip.


Iati Annual MultiViagens

Like the Grandes Viajantes plan, this option is ideal for those who travel frequently throughout the year. It provides coverage for multiple trips, with added benefits such as medical expenses, repatriation, personal liability, trip cancellation and curtailment.


Iati Students

For students studying abroad or taking gap years, the Iati Students plan offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. It includes coverage for medical expenses, repatriation, personal liability, trip cancellation and curtailment.


Iati Cancelamento Premium

This is an additional coverage option that can be added to any of the above plans. It provides extra protection for trip cancellation and curtailment, offering greater peace of mind for travellers.


Iati Seguros offers a variety of travel insurance options to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you're travelling to Thailand for a short vacation or an extended period, Iati Seguros has a plan to give you the coverage you need. Don't leave yourself vulnerable to unexpected situations while travelling – ensure you have the correct travel insurance before your trip. With Iati Seguros, you can confidently travel and enjoy your trip worry-free. So don't wait. Get your Thailand travel insurance from Iati Seguros today! Travel smart and stay protected with Iati Seguros.

Follow this link, and you will get an immediate 5% discount on any Iati travel insurance!

Who Is Iati Seguros Travel Insurance Suitable For?

So, what sets Iati Seguros apart from other travel insurance providers, and who might find their coverage the perfect fit?

Iati Seguros recognises that travel extends far beyond a mere two-week vacation. They understand that many of us embark on journeys with one-way tickets, no fixed itineraries, and uncertain return dates. Therefore, Iati Seguros could be an excellent choice for:

  • Long-Term Travelers - Iati Seguros stands out by offering open-ended travel insurance. Whether you're globetrotting for years, you can maintain coverage as long as you stay current with your premiums.
  • One-Way Travelers - Your journey doesn't require a predetermined end date for the coverage to remain valid.
  • Digital Nomads - For those living the digital nomad lifestyle, hopping from one destination to another while working along the way, this policy allows you to sustain your nomadic lifestyle for extended periods. Given the nomadic lifestyle, there's a good chance you'll need medical attention at some point.
  • Travelers With Children - Here's another noteworthy feature. The policy includes coverage for one young child per adult, up to a maximum of two children per family, aged between 14 days and 10 years old. If you and your partner have the coverage, you can insure up to two children for free, provided they are not over 10 years old. If your child is over 10, you might want to inquire about separate or additional coverage for them.

How much is travel insurance?

You can have a simulation for your travel insurance in 1 minute through this link. Prices already include a 5% discount offered to all our readers!

Below is the comparison of travel insurance from a couple of companies with 2 Iati plans for the same 10-day trip to Thailand for one person.

Allianz ERV IATI Basic IATI Backpacker
Price 73,04€ 65,37€ 34,15€* 62,10€*
Medical coverage 30.000€ 60.000€ 30.000€ 100.000€
Repatriation / Family transportation Limited Not limited No limit Not limited
Theft or damage to luggage 300€ 2.000€ 500€ 1.500€
Radical activities No Limited No Yes
Search and emergency rescue No 3.000€ No 15.000€

* – Price already includes the 5% discount offered to all our readers.

Note: Other Iati plans were not included in the comparison. The same applies to the other insurers.

How to Make a Travel Insurance Claim

It is unlikely that you will ever need to make a travel insurance claim. However, if you do, you will be pleased to learn that the process is usually relatively straightforward and user-friendly if you deal with a reputable company. If you are not – then may the gods help you.

To initiate a claim with Iati Seguros, get in touch with them by giving them a call and speaking with their 24/7 multilingual customer service staff. Alternatively, you can log in to your profile on their website and file your claim there.

In cases involving lost or stolen items, you must draft a formal sworn statement detailing the events, explaining what transpired, and listing the lost items. Additionally, it's crucial to obtain an official police report – even if it means paying a fee or persistently following up with the police force to secure it.

The insurer may want to contact you for further discussions regarding your claim, possibly conducting an interview. If your claim is in order, there's no need for concern.

Gathering all your receipts and invoices beforehand and submitting all your expenses for the claim at once is beneficial. Keep copies of every expense, bill, invoice, and report, as you'll need to provide these to the claims team for assessment.

List each expense with the amount indicated on your receipt or invoice and answer any other inquiries as necessary. You'll receive an email outlining the documentation required to support your claim.

The Iati Seguros team will start processing your claim and stay in touch with you throughout the process. Remember that the time it takes to resolve each case may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions about Iati Seguros Travel Insurance

These are some of the frequently asked questions we've received regarding Iati Seguros.

  • Which Countries Does Iati Seguros Cover?

Iati Seguros extends its coverage to every country across the globe.

  • Is Iati Seguros the Optimal Travel Insurance Choice for Digital Nomads?

Determining the absolute best provider or coverage is subjective and varies depending on individual needs. However, Iati Seguros is dedicated to offering coverage tailored to nomadic lifestyles designed by nomads. They undeniably provide a robust range for Digital Nomads at competitive rates.

  • Travel insurance or travel assistance?

These are two different concepts but have been somewhat unified. In travel insurance, the insured pays the expenses, which are then refunded. In travel assistance, expenses are paid directly by insurance. With IATI Seguros expenses are directly paid by them!

  • Travel insurance or medical travel insurance?

Medical travel insurance only covers medical expenses. Travel insurance covers medical expenses, repatriation, equipment theft or loss and possibly cancellation costs.

Final Thoughts on Iati Seguros Travel Insurance

Securing some insurance is highly advisable if you're gearing up for a month-long escapade in Australia or embark on a freelancing journey in Southeast Asia. Life is inherently unpredictable, and you never know when illness, accident, or misfortune might unexpectedly rear its head. When these unfortunate events occur, there's nothing worse than finding yourself burdened with substantial expenses that could have been easily mitigated.

Here's to hoping that your future backpacking adventures fulfil all your travel aspirations and then some. Ideally, the day will never arrive when you need to file a claim on your insurance. However, if such a day does materialise, Iati Seguros travel insurance will come to your aid, and you'll be thankful for the wise investment you made.

Iati Seguros Best Travel Insurance Thailand

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