Hotel Tri Koggala: Retreat of Luxury and Serenity

Hotel Tri Koggala Experience

Nestled along the serene shores of Koggala Lake, lies the Hotel Tri Koggala. A true hidden gem within the heart of Sri Lanka, encompassing a sprawling six-acre hill of mesmerizing natural allure. It stands as a tranquil paradise where the verdant surroundings offer a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. The respite found within this private luxury jungle sanctuary, accompanied by breathtaking lake vistas, offers an exquisite escape from the frenzy of Sri Lankan traffic.

Tri Koggala Hotel Sri Lanka

A Warm Welcome and Stunning Views

Upon our early morning arrival, several staff members greeted us, promptly presented with a refreshing welcome drink that set the tone for the experience to come. The ensuing couple of hours unfolded within the lounge area, a sprawling and exquisitely designed space positioned adjacent to the awe-inspiring infinity pool – a strategic vantage point that afforded the most captivating views. Following this leisurely interlude by the poolside, a guided tour of the hotel's premises ensued, accompanied by the seamless transfer of our belongings to the chosen accommodation.

Tri Hotel Room View

Unwinding by the Infinity Pool

Our abode for the duration was the Lake Villa Room, an expansive and splendidly appointed space adorned with a balcony that presented sweeping, awe-inducing panoramas of Koggala Lake. Our initial day naturally unfolded around the pool, where we luxuriated in sipping cocktails, basking in the sun, and replenishing our energy reserves after the eventful Tuk Tuk journey.

Tri Hotel Swimming Pool

Culinary Delights in a Serene Setting

As the clock neared 7 pm, we gravitated toward the hotel's restaurant – a haven of tranquility located on the ground floor, complemented by an enchanting outdoor area. Within this culinary oasis, a sumptuous 6-course menu awaited, an embodiment of Sri Lankan cuisine's most distinctive flavors. Our appreciation was so profound that it beckoned us to return the subsequent day, eager to embark on an entirely fresh gastronomic voyage.

tri koggala hotel

Morning Bliss and Epicurean Exploration

Awakening to a serene morning, we initiated the day with a cherished repast: breakfast. A curated set menu comprising fruits, bread, coffee, tea, and juice was available. However the indulgence extended to include an array of egg choices from an inviting list. During the morning we explored the hotel's picturesque surroundings, pausing to admire the captivating architecture of the Water Tower. By 12:30 pm, we were presented with the unique opportunity to engage in a culinary masterclass. Here, we delved into the secrets and nuances of Sri Lankan cuisine, enhancing our culinary repertoire. The meal, once again, proved a sensory delight, further elevated by the lush vistas that surrounded us.

Tri Hotel Sri Lanka - Water Tower

Holistic Wellness and Adventurous Exploration

Within the property's embrace, avenues for unwinding and holistic wellness abound, encompassing rejuvenating spa experiences and invigorating yoga sessions. For those who seek a more adventurous path, bicycles can be readily rented to unlock access to the nearby beaches. Alternatively, a boat excursion can be orchestrated, leading to the captivating Cinnamon Island.

A Luxurious Fusion with Nature

Tri Koggala Hotel is not just luxury, it's an oasis that marries opulence with the mesmerizing tapestry of nature. We unreservedly recommend it to those in pursuit of serenity, holistic wellness, and an authentic connection with the natural world. Our sojourn here was undeniably unforgettable, fueling our anticipation of a forthcoming return to this captivating haven.

Tri Hotel Sri Lanka Lake Tour

Tri Koggala Hotel Sri Lanka

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