Summer Bliss: Best Swimwear Brands

Best Swimwear Brands for this Summer

Hello beach babes and poolside loungers! If you're like me, you live for those sun-soaked days when all you need is a killer swimsuit to make a splash. With so many options, finding the perfect fit, style, and quality can be a challenge. But fear not, I've got you covered (literally!) with a rundown of the best swimwear brands I've tried and fallen head over heels for. So, let's embark on a journey through my swimwear collection, shall we?

Top 7 bikini brands:

1. Kitess - Ride the Waves with Confidence

First up, we have Kitess, a brand that's all about empowering women to embrace their inner mermaid. Their swimwear is designed for adventure, and you can feel it in every stitch. Kitess combines style with functionality, making their swimsuits perfect for those who love water sports like surfing and paddleboarding.

What I love most about Kitess is their commitment to sustainability. Their pieces are made from recycled materials, which aligns perfectly with my eco-conscious lifestyle. The suits are beautiful and durable, so you can catch those waves without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. Their bold prints and vibrant colours make me feel like a total beach goddess.

Best Swimwear Brands Kitess  

Kitess: Site | Instagram

2. ARK Swimwear - Ethereal Elegance

Next on my list is ARK Swimwear, a brand that embodies ethereal elegance. ARK's founder, Anna Gaskill, started the company with a mission to create swimsuits that make women feel confident and beautiful. The result? A collection of timeless designs that are both comfortable and chic.

What sets ARK Swimwear apart is the luxurious fabric they use. Their suits are made from a buttery-soft, sustainable Italian Lycra that feels like a second skin. I adore their attention to detail, from the delicate ruffles to the dainty straps. ARK's swimwear is perfect for those lazy beach days when you want to look effortlessly stylish.

Best Swimwear Brands ARK

ARK:   SiteInstagram

3. Bombshell Bay Swimwear - Vintage Vibes

If you're a fan of vintage-inspired swimwear, Bombshell Bay Swimwear should be on your radar. This brand captures the essence of retro glamour with a modern twist. Bombshell Bay's founder, Shannon Doherty, creates swimsuits that celebrate the female form and make you feel like a silver-screen siren.

The materials used in Bombshell Bay Swimwear are top-notch. Their suits are crafted from a high-quality, sustainable nylon and spandex blend that hugs your curves in all the right places. What I adore about Bombshell Bay is their attention to detail, with cute bows, ruching, and vintage prints that transport me to a bygone era.

Best Swimwear Brands Bomshell

Bombshell Bay: SiteInstagram

4. Charlie Mae - Sun-Kissed Simplicity

Charlie Mae is all about sun-kissed simplicity. This brand's swimwear is a celebration of minimalism and elegance. Their founder, Isabelle Mathers, wanted to create functional and effortlessly chic swimsuits, and she nailed it.

The materials used in Charlie Mae's swimwear are a dream. Their suits are made from a soft, stretchy fabric that feels like a gentle embrace. What I appreciate most is their versatile designs, perfect for mixing and matching with cover-ups or accessories. Charlie Mae's swimwear is a go-to choice when I want to keep things understated yet stylish.

Best Swimwear Brands Charlie Mae

Charlie Mae: Site | Facebook | Instagram

5. Cantik Swimwear - Sustainable Luxury

Last but not least, we have Cantik Swimwear, a brand that redefines sustainable luxury. Cantik's founder, Catherine Heenan, is dedicated to preserving the beauty of our oceans while creating stunning swimwear that turns heads.

Cantik's swimwear materials are as luxurious as they are eco-friendly. Their suits are crafted from regenerated nylon and lycra, which feel amazing and help reduce plastic waste in our seas. I adore their bold designs and intricate textures, making me feel like a true ocean queen.

Cantik: Site| Instagram

6. Gypsea Swimwear - Artistry in Every Stitch

For those who crave a touch of artistry in their swimwear, Gypsea Swimwear is an absolute treasure. Hailing from Australia, this brand is known for its breathtaking, hand-painted designs that transform each swimsuit into a wearable masterpiece.

What sets Gypsea Swimwear apart is their meticulous craftsmanship. Every piece is crafted with love and attention to detail, making you feel like you're wearing a work of art. The high-quality materials ensure that your suit retains its vibrancy and shape even after countless dips in the ocean.

Gypsea Swimwear

Gypsea Swimwear's commitment to the environment also warms my heart. They utilize eco-friendly inks and dyes, minimizing their environmental footprint. When I slip into a Gypsea creation, I feel like I'm wearing a piece of the ocean's beauty itself.

Gypsea: Site | Instagram

7. Salty Mermaid - Embrace Your Inner Siren

If you're longing to embrace your inner siren, Salty Mermaid is here to make your maritime fantasies come true. This brand specializes in swimwear designed to make a statement, embodying the spirit of the sea with a dash of sass.

What I love most about Salty Mermaid is their attention to detail. Their suits are adorned with playful embellishments like seashells, pearls, and delicate embroidery, making you feel like you're the ruler of an underwater kingdom. Their soft, stretchy, and comfortable materials ensure you can dance with the waves all day long.

Salty Mermaid

Salty Mermaid: SiteInstagram

Best Bikini Brands

In conclusion, choosing the perfect swimwear is essential to every summer adventure. Each of these incredible brands offers a unique experience, from sustainability and functionality to elegance and luxury. Whether you're riding the waves or lounging by the pool, there's a brand to match every water lover's personality. So, as you embark on your sunny adventures, don't forget to make a splash with these remarkable swimwear brands that promise to keep you stylish and confident under the sun. Happy swimming! 🌞👙

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