Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2023: Portuguese Brands

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2023

Christmas is here, bringing the excitement of choosing the right present for the right person. As we all know, navigating the vast sea of options and finding the perfect gift isn't always easy. Understanding the struggle this year, we decided to make this daunting task easier for you by compiling the best Christmas Gift Ideas from our favourite brands. In this short but golden list, you’ll find a compilation of our favourite Portuguese brands, each of which we believe would be an excellent choice for a Christmas present. These brands offer a diverse range of products, ensuring suitability for your loved ones with varying preferences. We are confident that among these selections, you will discover the best Christmas gift for whoever you choose to surprise.

Best Portuguese Brands for Christmas Gift Ideas


Introducing the Mika Apple Leather Backpack and Gadea Black Vegan Mountain Warm Boots by Nae Vegan – a Portuguese brand prioritising simplicity, functionality, and eco-responsibility. The Mika Apple Leather Backpack stands out for its practical design and eco-friendly composition. Crafted from apple skin leftovers from the apple juice industry, this backpack is water-resistant and breathable, ensuring a comfortable and functional experience. Embracing eco-responsibility, the backpack is GOTS-certified and made from organic cotton, making it a conscientious choice. Using hypoallergenic and antimicrobial materials enhances its health-safe features, providing a reliable and durable companion for everyday adventures.

The Gadea Black Vegan Mountain Warm Boots exemplify Nae Vegan's commitment to sustainable, cruelty-free fashion. These unisex mountain ankle boots feature a warm lining made from an innovative, water-resistant, durable material. The secure fastening system ensures a snug fit, allowing you to navigate various terrains confidently. They are breathable, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and super comfortable to wear all day long.


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Founded by a visionary goldsmith machine manufacturer, Arte Nova Jewellery has evolved into one of Portugal's leading names in the design and production of gold and silver jewellery. Each piece of Arte Nova Jewellery is conceived and developed as a work of art, emphasising design, meticulous quality, and an enduring commitment to craftsmanship. The brand's dedication to Portuguese heritage is evident, blending respect for the product, ancient techniques, and regional influences with contemporary design and today's reality.

The Necklace Quadrado in silver epitomises the brand's commitment to timeless elegance. This piece is a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary design, crafted with extreme precision and attention to detail. The square-shaped pendant exudes sophistication, making it a versatile accessory that seamlessly transitions from casual to formal occasions.

Similarly, the Necklace Corrente in silver captures the essence of Arte Nova's aesthetic philosophy. This piece embodies the brand's dedication to craftsmanship, featuring a chain design that balances simplicity and sophistication. The Corrente necklace is a testament to the brand's ability to infuse tradition with a contemporary touch, creating jewellery that transcends time.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2023 - ARTE NOVA JEWELLERY

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This brand was born from the collaborative spirit of a designer, an engineer, and a pharmacist. Lovers Lover embodies a unique blend of passion for fashion and individuality. Its essence lies in their genuine appreciation for what they like and what they wear, and this authenticity is what they extend to you. Harper Noir personifies the brand's distinctive style. The designers' passion for fashion is vividly expressed in this outfit, which seamlessly combines elements of rocker aesthetics and timeless appeal.

The edgy yet classic design of Harper Noir makes it a versatile ensemble suitable for various occasions. Whether you're into bold statements or subtle elegance, this outfit strikes the perfect balance. The thoughtful fusion of styles and textures speaks to the diverse tastes of the designers behind it, ensuring that Harper Noir is not just an outfit but a piece that transcends trends. In the spirit of the holiday season, Lustrous Rainbow emerges as a vibrant and festive creation that can be the perfect Christmas gift. The combination of colours and textures in Lustrous Rainbow reflects the brand's commitment to offering clothes that are not just fashionable but also emotionally resonant. This blouse is a unique expression of joy and individuality, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate the beauty of self-expression through clothing.

This Christmas, consider the gift of Lovers Lover for someone special, allowing them to express themselves authentically through clothing that truly reflects their individuality.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2023 - THE LOVERS LOVER

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Rooted in the past connections and joyful childhood experiences by the Ria de Aveiro, Casa do Agro seeks to immortalise those moments through the distillation of Gins that become accomplices in the memories of those who lived in the Ria. Gin Brisa and Gin Baga, two remarkable expressions of this commitment, make perfect Christmas gifts for gin lovers.

Gin Brisa, crafted through traditional distillation with manually selected herbs, provides a refreshing twist meant to be enjoyed with lime and cucumber. This gin reflects the alchemist and experimentalist nature of the passionate gin maker, who has spent seven years perfecting the art of flavour combinations. The result is a gin that captures the essence of the Ria de Aveiro, creating a sensory experience that is both delightful and memorable.

Gin Baga, distilled four times traditionally with wine alcohol and featuring manually selected herbs, offers a unique and delicate aroma of red fruits. This rosé gin is a testament to the expertise and passion of the gin enthusiast behind Casa do Agro. The infusion of flavours is a sensory experience and a journey through the heritage and tradition that defines the Ria.

As Christmas gift ideas, Gin Ria, with its Brisa and Baga expressions, encapsulates the taste of premium craftsmanship and the rich history and cultural significance of Casa do Agro. The meticulous attention to detail and dedication to preserving tradition make these gins a thoughtful and meaningful gift for those who appreciate the artistry and heritage behind every sip. These artisanal Gins are available in Christmas Packs, Mini Christmas Packs, and Collection Packs.

Gin Ria

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Citrina brings you a three-year-old miniature citrus plant nurtured from seed in a controlled greenhouse environment. Using a time-honoured technique, different varieties are crossed to combine the best characteristics. Oriana, for example, is a Calamondin orange, symbolising good luck during Chinese New Year, and undergoes a meticulous process.

It begins as a dormant seed, germinating and growing until it reaches the right width and height for grafting. Experts carefully nurture the plant for the first two years, monitoring water and food intake and occasionally pruning for a bushy and attractive shape. Oriana delights with its aromatic blossoms and produces zesty fruit with a delightful fragrance in March and ripe fruits from November, lasting up to six months on the tree, measuring up to 4 cm in diameter. This Citrina is not just a plant; it's a product of meticulous care and a thoughtful symbol for plant lovers on an occasion like Christmas.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2023 - Citrina

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PICA·PAU Wood Craft

Located along the lively shores of the Portuguese coast, PICA·PAU Woodcraft goes beyond just making eyewear and fashion accessories—it's a commitment to marrying style with a genuine effort to reduce environmental impact. Taking a bold step away from the world of disposable plastic domination, PICA·PAU leads the way in using ecological and sustainable alternatives.

The Huacachina and Chaka models exemplify the perfect blend of innovation and responsibility, showcasing PICA·PAU's dedication to redefining style with an eco-friendly conscience. More than just an art, for them, woodcraft means shaping a future where style and sustainability walk hand in hand, a creative fusion that is reflected in every design. PICA·PAU isn't just about crafting products; it's about leaving a green legacy. With every pair of glasses sold, they plant five trees, contributing to reforestation projects globally. This isn't just a gesture—it's a tangible effort to impact the environment and champion sustainable practices positively.

This holiday season, consider gifting one of PICA·PAU Woodcraft's many models—a thoughtful Christmas present that blends style and sustainability. Gift your loved ones a pair of glasses and a slice of the green future we’d like to see together.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2023 - PICA PAU Woodcraft

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TEA AND OATCAKES, a distinguished Portuguese brand dedicated to contemporary jewellery, is the brainchild of Isabel Ramos, a skilled artisan continuing a family tradition spanning two generations. Inspired by nature and floral motives, her pieces perfectly blend conceptual exploration through drawing and traditional handicraft techniques.

The collection, particularly the earrings, reflects Isabel's commitment to craftsmanship and creative expression. These pieces, meticulously crafted and inspired by the beauty of the natural world, make for a thoughtful and unique Christmas gift for 2023. By choosing TEA AND OATCAKES, you acquire a piece of beautifully designed jewellery and support the rich heritage of Portuguese artistry, making it an ideal and meaningful present for the festive season.


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Established in 2011 in Figueira da Foz, Cristais do Mar is a brand born from a deep-seated passion for the sea and saliculture within a family setting. Originally, producers of artisanal sea salt, their evolution led to the creation of foot scrubs, marking the start of a successful journey. The brand's commitment to sustainability, effectiveness, and simplicity is reflected in its products, showcasing a respect for natural ingredients and a dedication to customers and the environment.

Cristais do Mar presents a Facial Care Christmas Kit, a caring and practical gift. This set, featuring a variety of natural, high-quality products, offers a complete skincare routine, including Rosehip and Açai Facial Scrub, Rosehip and Açai Facial Cream, Passion Fruit Rose Water Face Cleanser, Pineapple Facial Scrub, Pineapple Lip Moisturizer, and a Sea Crystals Tote Bag. With a focus on clean, hydrated, and nourished skin, this kit provides an opportunity to gift loved ones a touch of glamour and self-care. The simplicity, naturalness, and effectiveness of Cristais do Mar's products make this Christmas set a compelling choice for those seeking a meaningful and sustainable present for their beauty routine.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2023 - CRISTAIS DO MAR

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Step into sustainable style with the Michone Black Boots from Marita Moreno, a distinguished Portuguese brand redefining fashion ethics. Embracing the essence of "slow fashion," Marita Moreno intricately weaves a heritage narrative, utilising local artisanal and industrial resources to create fashion accessories with enduring appeal. Embedded in the brand's DNA are core values of ethics, transparency, and social responsibility, which are evident in its journey towards sustainable practices, including introducing a vegan line in 2018.

The Michone boots, inspired by the resilient Michone from "Walking Dead," embody comfort, simplicity, and waterproof functionality. Crafted with meticulous attention, the Suede collection offers an array of colours—light grey, beige, mustard, blue, green, dark grey, and black. The microfiber used in Michone not only upholds high standards of quality but also carries vegan certification and embraces eco-friendly practices by recycling production remains.

Proudly designed and made in Portugal, Marita Moreno's commitment to sustainability extends beyond fashion trends. The brand's Vegan Line, approved by PETA®, champions cruelty-free fashion, emphasising enduring style and thoughtful choices. By offering the Michone Black Boots, you embrace timeless design and join a movement towards conscious and environmentally responsible fashion.

Marita Moreno

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Best Portuguese Brands: Christmas Gift Ideas

As the festive season draws near, embracing the spirit of giving has never been more delightful, especially with the best Portuguese brands showcased. These handpicked selections represent not just products but also a testament to the creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation thriving within Portugal. May these Christmas gift ideas be tokens of appreciation, spreading joy and warmth throughout the holiday season and beyond. This year, let the spirit of Portugal grace your celebrations, illuminating the festive moments with the essence of its craftsmanship, elegance, and creativity.

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